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Since its inception, Group Link was born to be IoT. From sensor to dashboard visualization we do it all, providing customers with a complete end to end robust solution, using our proprietary communication system.


Group Link has a top notch IoT R&D lab to provide clients with what they need, not just what is available off the shelf. We also manufacture our devices – with high quality standards Messages originated from GL devices hit our backend and get pushed Immediately to the customer. To ensure optimum message arrival rate, our network nodes can also buffer messages to send it later on in case internet connection is momentarily not available at the network node Sensor/device data is sent for client visualization at existing systems (requires integration) or we can provide a full blown dashboard for data visualization. Additionally we can also provide a customized app for best end user experience. Our collaborative network comprises of BLE devices that act as network nodes, connected to the internet. These are devices with embedded Group Link’s patented technology. First mile communication always uses BLE.

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